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Making an eternal impact in the lives of survivors of abuse and human sex trafficking by providing tangible resources & mentorship in
building a relationship with Christ.
Empowering Women & families to breakdown walls and demolish strongholds as they truly understand the meaning of being 

Children of the Mighty King,
breaking through to experience healing and hope.

* If you are a survivor and are in need of resources, please send us a message using the contact form at the end of the website.
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How this Ministry Started:

As a survivor of attempted murder, Pastor Rose understands how important it is to know that others are praying for them and planting seeds of hope. That was the very thing that kept her moving forward in the healing process. 

God called Rose and her family to link arms with kingdom warriors to shine light on the darkness of abuse and human sex trafficking, to inspire and empower survivors on a path of healing.

Our mission is to link arms with individuals through monthly sponsorships to consistently provide 1000 Blessing Care Packs to survivors of abuse and human sex trafficking.

These care packs address immediate needs and contribute to a lasting positive impact on their lives. 

Together, we are planting seeds of hope in women and families across the nation by providing tangible resources to build a relationship with the Lord and for personal care.

The sad truth:

One out of three women are victims of abuse- physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Human sex trafficking is happening all around us.

Women and children from all walks of life are being effected, daily.

We can no longer turn an eye to what is happening in our world, especially if we have the opportunity to make a difference. Barn of Grace Ministries welcomes you to link arms in blessing survivors across the United States of America. Barn of Grace Ministries is a non-profit, faith based organization.

Two ways to make a difference & bless survivors

Blessing Care Packs are assembled and distributed into the hands of Survivors each month. 


They include:

  • Emergency Clothing

  • Hygiene Daily Essentials

  • Faith Building Resources

Each month, we are blessed with the testimonies from survivors on how these blessing care packs are making a powerful impact.

Click the link below to sponsor a monthly Blessing Care Pack

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1. Sponsor a Monthly Blessing Care Pack

2. Become a Donor to Build the Impact Center

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Barn of Grace

Barn of Grace Impact Center will be a support hub for survivors of abuse and human sex trafficking with a

holistic approach on healing- mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally with the number one focus of building a personal relationship with the Lord as a solid foundation.

A place of restoration, community, love, and support.
A place for survivors of abuse to come to be heard, seen, and built up as Daughters of the Mighty King, healing from their past and stepping into their future.


Here are some of the activities that will take place at Barn of Grace Impact Center, as women from around the nation join us for Grace filled Encounters:

Healing through Creativity, Life Skills Workshops, Small Groups & Retreats:
- Breakthrough Mentorship promoting Healing & Hope
- Creative Healing Art Therapy
- Confidence Building & Restoration Retreats
- Faith Building Retreats & Small Groups
- Healthy Family Dynamics Workshops
- Learning Skills, Trades, and Business
- Budgeting, Saving & Financial Management
- Community Outreach Events
- Prevention & Educational Events

Building a Relationship with the Lord:

Worship, devotional studies, journaling, bible studies, and prayer.​

Learning to apply Kingdom principles directly from the bible in all areas of life.

Learning to live with Purpose and Passion walking in step with God's calling.

Serving in the Community to Bless the Nation:

As a community, we will come together to package blessing care packs for survivors around the nation, linking arms in prayer for each individual survivor.

Barn of Grace Ministries has 5 acres of glorious land right outside of Knoxville, Tennessee where the

Impact Center will be built.


We are welcoming Launch Partners to link arms with us as we begin building the vision from the ground up in 3 different phases:

Phase 1: Land Development and Ministry Headquarters ​
Phase 2: Barn of Grace Barndominium Impact Center ​
Phase 3: Five Tiny homes, Prayer Garden and Pond, Courtyard, and Fencing ​​

Your generosity empowers us to make this vision a reality. 

Will you link arms with us in sowing a financial blessing as a one time donation or reoccurring monthly donation?

Together, We CAN make a tangible difference in the lives of survivors of abuse & human sex trafficking. 





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Upcoming Ministry Fundraising Events
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For PRAYER REQUESTS or to learn more about partnering with

Barn of Grace Ministries, please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.

* If you are a survivor and need additional resources, please fill out the contact form and type "resources" in the message box

If you are a survivor and would like to apply for a mentorship scholarship, please click the button below.

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